Who is Brooke Monk? TikTok star shared her ‘secret’ for viral fame

Gen Z can’t get enough of Brooke Monk. The relatable teen has amassed a huge following of rabid fans. 

Monk’s relatable brand of TikTok videos has scored her over 16 million followers in just two years. The 18-year-old is pretty much social media’s girl next door. She makes skits and vlogs that poke fun at high school life from everything to dating, friends and fashion

Who is Brooke Monk? 

Brooke Monk was born on Jan. 31, 2003, and is currently 18 years old. She is known for creating relatable content for high school students. Monk also does lip-sync, makeup and dance videos. 

She has 16.2 million followers on TikTok, 1.6 million Instagram followers and 766,000 YouTube subscribers. 

Monk grew up with four sisters in Jacksonville, Fla. 

Her secret to building her platform is being relatable 

Monk told CNBC that most of her content is about, “little mundane things that everyone’s experienced in their life.” 

Listening to feedback keeps her grounded 

Part of the reason why Monk began making content was that she liked the community it created. 

“I feel like the majority of audiences start to feel disconnected from their influencers when they get too big and then they don’t really care about their audience anymore,” Monk said

She works with brands but wants to stay authentic

Monk believes sponsorships are fine as long as they don’t change the influencer

She told CNBC brands like to work with influencers, “because audiences feel more connected to an influencer if they see their daily life and they’re just watching their content, as opposed to celebrities or even commercials or infomercials.” 

How much money does Brooke Monk make? 

Monk has not disclosed her total earnings. In order to make at least $100,00 a year, a TikTok creator must have at least 10,000 followers and 270 million views annually, according to Lickd.co.

Who is Brooke Monk dating?

Monk is dating fellow influencer and model Sam Dezz. He often appears on her Instagram

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