Brooklynite hunts for Manhattan apartment closer to his office

On this episode of In The Know: Find My Dream Room, host Will Taylor (@brightbazaar) helps MJ move from Brooklyn to Manhattan, in order to cut down on his daily commute. MJ is looking for a studio apartment in Midtown, that ideally has an in-unit washer and dryer, with a budget of around $2,000. Can Will help MJ find the Midtown Manhattan studio of his dreams? Time to find out! 

The first apartment Will shows MJ is a studio unit renting for $1,900 a month. The rent stabilized apartment has a dishwasher and an in-unit combo washer-dryer, both exciting and rare features for a studio. The apartment also has separate areas for dining, living and sleeping, which is an important must-have for MJ. Plus, the modern bathroom features a separate area for the toilet, and it even comes with a bidet! 

A few blocks away is apartment #2, a junior 1-bedroom priced under budget at $1,650. The bedroom doesn’t have a closet, but it does have a full door, giving the unit a feel of a 1-bedroom. There’s laundry in the building, but the current tenant has also added their own washer and dryer, which would be an option for MJ as well. The main living area has tons of space and natural light. MJ also loves the fireplace and exposed brick, which provide a cozy charm to the unit. 

Apartment #3 is a studio unit with a rental price of $2,200 per month. The apartment has a large entryway, and a roomy kitchen that’s tucked away from the living area. The unit has tons of storage space, featuring 4 or 5 massive closets. Plus, the bed is tucked away in its own little nook, giving MJ the feeling of separation that he wants. 

Three weeks later, MJ reveals that he was able to extend his lease on his current Brooklyn apartment, so he’s no longer looking to move to Manhattan for the time being. But when he does need to find a new apartment in the spring, he’d love to be able to bring back Will to show him some options!

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