Brooks Marks and sister Chloe Marks compare their different ‘Real Housewives’ experiences

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What’s it really like when your parents are on reality TV?

That’s a question Brooks Marks, the son of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Meredith Marks, is helping to answer through his new In The Know series, Growing Up Reality With Brooks Marks. The five-episode run features interviews with fellow offspring of reality TV titans where they discuss their experiences of (at least partially) growing up in front of reality TV cameras, dealing with the added attention with having a parent in the public eye and more.

The premiere episode of Growing Up Reality is a family affair, featuring Brooks’s younger sister, Chloe. While she doesn’t appear on RHOSLC nearly as much as he does, that doesn’t make her insights any less incisive.

“I live a way quieter life than you,” Chloe told her brother. “Reality TV is great, but there are a lot of industries in the world that don’t necessarily want to hire somebody who’s on reality TV. That’s why I’ve been a little bit hesitant, because I haven’t figured out exactly what it is I want to do.”

Despite being comfortable with her decision to live her life mostly away from the cameras, watching her family members deal with the pressures of being on TV and the oftentimes negative social media feedback that comes with that has proven to be challenging for her.

“I personally could care less what people say about me, so the difficult thing is that I care tremendously about everyone in our family. That’s what’s really hard for me, is watching Twitter and all of these social media platforms literally tear you down,” Chloe said. “It was really hard for me when everything went down with — what do I call it, #VaginaGate? — that whole situation. That’s something I wish I could’ve defended you more publicly on.”

Watch the full first episode of Growing Up Reality With Brooks Marks below (including a very special guest appearance by Meredith Marks and her husband, Seth!) and check out new episodes every Thursday on In The Know:

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