Big brother has the sweetest reaction to meeting his new baby sister: ‘He’s going to be an amazing brother’

This big brother has the sweetest reaction to meeting his new baby sister!

Like becoming a parent, becoming a sibling can be an exciting milestone. Parent and TikToker, Ange Atwell (@angeatwell), shared a video of the moment her son met his new baby sister for the first time, and it’s nothing short of precious. 

The adorable clip, which has almost 20.5 million views, shows footage from Atwell’s hospital bed with the words, “Meeting his sister for the first time. So beautiful,” typed on-screen. 

The sweet little boy appears with his dad from behind a purple privacy curtain. “Hi mum!” the little boy trills excitedly, approaching the bed. The words “Promoted To Big Brother!” are printed on his shirt, letting everyone know the good news. 

“Where is she?” asks the wide-eyed toddler as he looks around for his little sibling. “She’s right here,” Atwell answers off-camera as her son jumps to the side of the bed and lets out a giant “Awwwww!” 

The little boy can hardly contain his excitement and awe as he gives the stuffed octopus he’s been carrying to his new sister. 

“Ohhhhh, I love her,” he says, his little hands gesticulating. He then turns to his mom, and launches into the rapid-fire questioning, typical of toddlers–– “Did they cut your tummy? Why’d they do that? Were you afraid?” 

Viewers all over TikTok were drying their eyes over this delightful exchange.

“He’s the sweetest boy. He’s going to be an amazing brother,” said one user. 

“What a good boy. He loves her but is concerned for his mama,” one viewer remarked. 

The video also sparked baby fever amongst millions of viewers. 

“I’m too young, I’m too young, I’m too young….” one viewer joked. 

Aside from being totally precious, videos like this one provide an example of fostering strong sibling bonds. The family dynamic won’t be the same once a new baby enters the picture, but that can be a good thing as older siblings have an essential role to play too.

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