Woman slams brother over his ‘overreaction’ to her college graduation announcement: ‘He’s a drama queen’

A woman didn’t invite her brother to her college graduation and it’s causing a rift between them.

She shared an incident with him on Reddit’s “Am I the A*****” forum. Her brother was disappointed she didn’t invite him to her graduation. But she only had four tickets due to lockdown restrictions. She invited her father, boyfriend and two aunts instead. The last time he attended a graduation of hers, he seemed more preoccupied with a friend’s bachelor party. 

“I recently graduated with my master’s degree,” she explained. “As I was typing my last paper, I got a text from my brother saying how disappointed he was in me that he wasn’t invited to my graduation. Due to COVID-19 I only got four tickets for the ceremony. I decided on having my dad and boyfriend there, and since my mom passed away before my master’s program, I invited my aunt (her sister) and my other aunt (my dad’s sister). My bro proceeded to call me. I told him I was taking a test and would call on my way to work. He kept calling. I called back to try explaining (calmly) my reasoning for not inviting him, to which he started to yell at me and say how I don’t care about the family and how I’m f****** ruining it. I hung up on him.” 

The Reddit poster was frustrated with her brother since he never expressed any interest in attending before. 

“I didn’t invite him, because for my bachelor’s graduation he was more worried about being at his friend’s bachelor party,” she word. “He also never asked when my master’s graduation was or anything about it. He found out from my aunt. He texted me and apologized for being ‘snippy’ on the call earlier and that if there was a link he would like me to send it so he can watch a live stream. On the day of graduation I sent my family how to watch it and updates. I decided to have family over for dinner that night, he was an hour late and was more worried about our cousin’s baseball game when he got there. I felt like an afterthought when he finally said congratulations.”

Reddit users thought the brother was over-stepping.

“That’s a massive overreaction over not getting a ticket to a graduation,” a user commented

“He’s a drama queen,” another wrote

“He hasn’t shown any consideration for you and your accomplishment,” someone said

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