Mom recites ‘uplifting’ poem to daughter about loving her brown eyes

An Indigenous mom sharing a poem with her daughter on TikTok has viewers feeling empowered and emotional.

Tia Wood is a singer and TikToker from Vancouver, Canada with 2.3 million followers. Wood is of Plains Cree and Salish descent and grew up in Saddle Lake Cree Nation. She uses her platform to educate people about Indigenous history, culture and life. 

In a world where eurocentric features are sometimes considered the beauty standard, people with brown eyes can feel insecure sometimes. Wood’s mother recited a 2018 poem by Nadia McGhee about a girl with brown eyes and it was so powerful. 

The mom groomed Wood’s hair, did her makeup and adorned Wood in traditional Indigenous regalia. As the mother worked she passed on some wise words to her daughter. 

“Her eyes are blue, yours are brown,” the mom said. “Hers represents the ocean, yours represents the ground. You always hated your eyes and wished that they were blue but your eyes have a tint of gold so rare, it must not be true.” 

“So yes, her eyes are blue and yes your eyes are brown,” she continued. “But your eyes hold the riches that are buried in the ground. Her eyes carry storms and rage like the sea. Your eyes carry earthquakes that bring mountains to their knees. Maybe her eyes are blue but your eyes reign queen because they hold the purest riches the world has ever seen.”

The video received a stunning 31.9 million views on TikTok. 

“I am no longer insecure about my brown eyes,” a user next

“This is how you uplift someone without bringing others down,” another commented

“I love my brown eyes and this made me love them even more,” someone said

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