New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern makes a surprise visit to Broxh

Twitch streamer Broxh was working at a carving when New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern stopped by for a surprise visit.

The prime minister stopped by to see Broxh in what was possibly the first time a world leader has appeared on a Twitch stream. Ardern asked Broxh about his career as a streamer and also requested one of his trademark hair flicks, to which he happily obliged.

Broxh, who has not yet shared his personal name, is a Māori craftsman who has been referred to as the Bob Ross of wood carving for his impressive skill, gentle demeanor and charitable spirit.

The woodworker made waves in April when he disabled donations out of concern that his donors would be financially burdened because of the Covid-19 pandemic. He even attempted to refund a fan who gifted subscriptions to other viewers and has repeatedly emphasized during streams that no one should feel obligated to give him money.

Politicians appearing on Twitch is not new territory. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stopped by Harris “Hbomberguy” Brewis’ stream in 2019 to discuss trans rights.

Ardern herself has been hosting livestreams frequently since the beginning of the pandemic to keep New Zealanders informed about the government’s evolving response to the pandemic. As an avid livestreamer herself, Ardern’s guest appearance on Broxh’s stream is hardly unusual, especially since Ardern is currently on tour for her reelection campaign.

The prime minister’s accomplishments are formidable. Ardern became the youngest female world leader at 37 years old when she took office in 2017 and has since enjoyed a peak popularity rating of 62 percent due to her progressive policies and rapid responses to the white supremacist attack on a Christchurch mosque and the Covid-19 pandemic.

The colliding of worlds between one of the most humble, wholesome streamers on Twitch with one of the most skillful leaders of our generation was the content we all needed.

“Everyone that was here just created history,” Broxh said on his stream after Ardern’s visit. “And big thank you to everyone that helped with it.”

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