A study found that Gen Z isn’t fond of brussels sprouts — is that actually true?

Gen Z doesn’t like Brussels sprouts — at least according to a study in the U.K. 

Tesco, a convenience store chain, released its annual 2021 Christmas report which surveyed 2,000 U.K. adults. The study shared a few statistics on what people planned to eat over the holidays, Brussels sprouts sowed the greatest generational divide. Ironically, the veggie saw a resurgence of popularity with consumption increasing 22% since last year and 61% of the U.K. opting for the sprouts this season. 

But when the percentage is broken down by age: Only 26% of 18 to 24-year-olds appear to be pro-Brussels sprouts. Meanwhile, 65% of those 75 years old and older were advocates for the green. In fact, the younger the age group the less likely they were to be hyping up the classic vegetable. 

Another new phenomenon that’s on the rise with young people, ages 18 to 34, is swapping Christmas dinner for Christmas brunch. About 19% of U.K. residents in the age group believe the holiday brunches may replace dinners altogether.  

While Gen Z may not be championing Brussels sprouts, the veggie does seem quite popular on TikTok. The hashtag #brusselssprouts has 7.9 million views while #brusselsprouts has 56.8 million views. 

TikToker Kai Cooking noted that Brussels sprouts always taste better while dining out and shared her recipe for the sprouts restaurant-style. The replies shed some light on how people feel about the veggie.

“Brussels sprouts are so underrated,” a user commented

“I thought I hated Brussels sprouts until I had them at a restaurant. Turns out I just hated bland boiled Brussels sprouts,” someone said

“I mostly hate Brussel sprouts but this may change my mind,” another wrote

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