TikTok users are sharing the brutal and shameless messages guys have sent them

One of the newest trends on TikTok has users sharing some of the meanest and most shameless messages guys have ever sent them.

This new trend is really easy to participate in. You only need two things: screenshots of the messages you want to expose, and a very specific audio clip from the song “I Found a Guy Told Me I Was a Star” by Ava Watson.

“I found a guy told me I was a star,” the audio says. “He held the door, held my hand in the dark.”

This upbeat and heartfelt audio is a stark contrast to the rude messages being exposed in this trend. However, that’s the point: The clip is meant to be ironic and highlight how brutal it can be out there in the dating world.

On the most popular version of the audio uploaded by Rachel Wilson, there are more than 20,000 videos highlighting messages from bad Tinder matches, pushy hookups and more.

User @eviierog used the audio to call out a guy named Derek who got straight to the point with his text message.

At 3:50 in the morning, he texted @eviierog and said, “I’m obviously texting you to hookup so I’m seeing what you’re doing.” Nice.


this happened 6 months ago and I literally think about this everyday lol

♬ original sound – Rachel Wilson🤍

Another user who goes by @cleasel exposed a former flame named Nick who told her that she looks “more [like] a creature than a girl.”

TikTokers were particularly perturbed by this one.

“Oh my GOD the audacity of this man,” one user said.

“Why would he say that that’s just foul,” another added.

“I would cry so much,” a third wrote.

This trend is full of unbelievable messages. A user named Chloe used the audio to call out a guy named Jake who called her an “ungrateful b****” after he called her cute and then didn’t think she responded properly to the compliment.

“Thanks Jake, I’m unadding you now,” Chloe captioned her video.

Do better, men!

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