Bryce Hall responds to TikToker accusing him of ‘verbally assaulting’ her at a club

A college student is calling out influencer Bryce Hall after alleging he harassed her and her friends one night. 

Hall is an internet personality with a checkered history. To name a few of his controversies: Hall has gone on misogynistic Twitter tirades, accusing Tana Mongeau of sleeping with “everyone and their dads” after being accused of cheating on girlfriends himself. And Playlist Live banned Hall after rumors spread that he peed off the balcony of a hotel during the convention.

Hall also notoriously partied his way through the pandemic, causing LAPD to break up parties and resulting in him facing numerous criminal charges. So when TikToker @tatedoll accused Hall of being rude and sexist, people had feelings about it. 


Never experienced confrontation like that EVER. Also havent gone iut in weho since like EW 😂😂

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“Thinking about how one night my girlfriends and I got verbally assaulted by Bryce Hall because we wouldn’t hand him a bottle of vodka fast enough and the best insult he could come up with was calling us two ‘USC b******’ and letting us know ‘he made millions a week.’ Anyways, that was rough and men/new money are gross,” she claimed in a video caption

“So sad how u can say ANYTHING negative about me and people will just believe it,” Hall wrote in the comment section, to which she replied, “Yes, king gaslight me!” 

Unsurprisingly, most people in the comments did not believe the woman over the more famous man.

“I don’t believe a single word that u said, why people should believe u? just the girl that try to lower Bryce’s reputation with sweet lies,” a person said

“Funny how you post this when he’s out of drama so you can get talked about congrats it’s working,” another wrote. 

“Sounds like something he would do,” a TikToker said.

“Sad that many people in these comments are defending that behavior. I believe u queen,” someone commented, to which @tatedoll responded, “THANK YOU. It’s not that big of a deal just was an evening wrecker for sure. The ‘I don’t believe u’ rehtoric is actually scary misogynistic.” 

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