Here’s what we know about TikTok’s resident bad boy and pandemic partier, Bryce Hall

It’s impossible to explain the top influencers on TikTok without mentioning Bryce Hall — and usually, the context isn’t positive.

His incessant partying, romantic involvement with another top star and seemingly endless string of scandals have positioned him as the resident “bad boy” of the app.

In spite of all this, he remains immensely popular with more than 14 million followers on TikTok. Here’s what we know about him.

How did Bryce Hall become famous?

Hall began posting to Vine, YouNow and in 2014, when he was just a 15-year-old hanging out in Maryland. Though Vine is now defunct and most people have abandoned YouNow for Instagram Live, became TikTok in 2017 — and that’s where most of Hall’s following now thrives.

He launched a YouTube channel in 2015, and shortly thereafter began collaborating with other stars like Loren Gray and Jacob Sartorius.

Why is he banned from Playlist Live?

Over the next few years, Hall slowly but surely gained thousands of followers and made a name for himself. 

In September 2017, he attended Playlist Live —  an influencer convention that draws thousands of teen fans.

The weekend went south for Hall when rumors began spreading that he peed off a balcony of the hotel where the convention was held. 

He addressed those allegations in a YouTube video in November 2017.

“It was like 4 a.m., you know, I drank some apple juice and I don’t know, this apple juice kind of took over my body in a sense and people were daring me, like the people I was with, who are bad influences by the way, they were daring me to pee off the balcony,” Hall said, seemingly referring to alcohol as “apple juice.”

“And you know, when you drink a lot of apple juice, you have to pee a lot. And you know, my mind wasn’t in the right and I just said ‘Hey, there’s a balcony right here to my left’ and everyone was like ‘Do it, you won’t,’ and then I kind of did it with my dumb a**.”

He said he apologized to the convention’s organizers but was still banned from returning. 

Why did Bryce Hall feud with Tana Mongeau?

In 2018, Hall relocated to L.A. — a move often associated with a successful career. At this point, he had begun to develop a sort of bad reputation in the influencer community with diss tracks and other drama on and TikTok.

Fellow influencer Tana Mongeau took to Twitter to accuse Hall of cheating on her friends, and he didn’t take too kindly to that. He fired back by accusing her of cheating on everyone in her past three relationships and denied her allegations.

Mongeau then turned to YouTube to accuse Hall of assaulting one of his former friends, Zach Clayton.

Clayton, who also appeared in the video, said he didn’t fight back against Hall and instead sat in a bathtub while he was struck more than “30 times.” 

Mongeau said the alleged attack took place because Hall knew Clayton cheated on his girlfriend. 

Hall took responsibility for the incident on Twitter and said he and Clayton were both in the wrong. He called it “f—ed up” on his behalf but mentioned that he thought they all agreed not to post about the incident in a public forum.

He’s now friends with both Mongeau and Clayton again.

When did Hall become famous?

Through much of his early career, Hall was dismissed as just a star by bigger creators, but his fame truly took off in early 2020 when he formed the Sway House.

What is the Sway House?

There are two major TikTok creator collectives — the Hype House and the Sway House. Naturally, they often feud. 

Hall was one of the founding members of the Sway House, and as the most-followed member of the collective, he often instigates drama between his housemates and the rival group.

He once challenged Hype House creator Thomas Petrou to a boxing match, but Petrou declined. Hall also released a diss track alongside former Sway House member Josh Richards about Lil Huddy, one of the most popular members of the Hype House.

Many Sway House members live in massive mansions, some of which are paid for by Talent X, the management group that oversees them. Some of the houses are also paid for by Triller, TikTok’s rival app of which many Sway House members sit on the board.

That’s when the Sway House’s reputation as the frattier of the two collectives emerged. Their neighbors told the New York Times that what was once a quiet street was now a war zone, complete with constant partying, endless deliveries and packages littering the street.

After that news broke, Hall and two of his his friends moved to the Hollywood Hills, though other house members continue to live in L.A.

In December 2019, Hall turned his bad reputation into capital by creating a line of merchandise that includes sweatshirts with a logo for “Party Animal University,” or PAU.

Bryce Hall has become notorious for partying amid the pandemic. 

Hall has been attending and throwing mask-free parties as a pandemic rages across the globe.

He was first spotted partying at fellow bad-boy influencer Jake Paul’s house on July 11.

On Aug. 14, the LAPD reportedly broke up Hall’s 21st birthday party — where there were allegedly 100 maskless guests in attendance — because of a noise complaint from neighbors.

The city of Los Angeles later cut power to a rental home where Hall, Noah Beck and Blake Gray live in response to that party.

“These hosts have been highly irresponsible with a highly infectious disease spreading and parties banned because of it, and we allege they’ve violated the law,” LA City Attorney Mike Feuer said during a press conference. “These parties can be really out of control nightclubs, there can be hundreds of people, loud music long into the night and cars that block the street for emergency vehicles.”

He announced on August 28 that the city would be charging them for allegedly violating the Safer L.A. Health Order and the Party House Ordinance. Hall and Gray are now facing misdemeanor charges.

Those aren’t Hall’s only COVID-19-related mishaps, either. Months ago, Hall and some of the Sway Boys went to Texas to party. Long story short, Hall and Jaden Hossler were arrested on May 25 on drug-related charges.

Who is Bryce Hall dating? Maybe Addison Rae, maybe not.

On a non-controversial note, Hall’s star power has been greatly boosted by his complicated relationship with Addison Rae.

View this post on Instagram

she’s cool sometimes

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Though “Braddison” has never confirmed that they dated, the collective internet is convinced there’s something going on between them.

They’ve posed together for countless Instagram posts and collaborated on a number of TikTok videos. The pair even shared a kiss on New Year’s Eve.

As Hall continues to face more controversy and Rae remains relatively unproblematic, the status of their relationship is unclear — especially after an intense Twitter fight on Aug. 4.

Footage of male and female strippers dancing with Hall during his 21st birthday surfaced, but he has stated in the past that Rae is the best girl he’s ever been with, and said she made him act “not problematic.”

Hall has a business podcast in which he has addressed his past problems with money.

The TikTok star launched a financial podcast called “Capital University” in October.

He told People that going “completely broke” made him realize how crucial it is to properly manage your money, and he wanted to share his newfound knowledge with his fans who might find themselves in similar situations.

“I always thought money was an object,” he said. “I was spending money before I even had it.”

Alongside his co-host, investor Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano, Hall aims to break down the basics of investing and financial security. Of course, he’ll touch on the challenges of being young, rich and famous, as well.

Hall has been accused of being involved in multiple street fights.

On Oct. 5, Hall tweeted footage of a violent scrap he appeared to be involved in.

He didn’t explain the details of the fight or why he was involved in it, but said, “if you punch someone in front of us, we’ll have no choice but to defend ourselves.”

Weeks later on Oct. 20, Hall was accused of inciting a brawl at a restaurant after a server asked him to stop vaping.

Hall told TMZ that he was polite when he was asked to leave, but the trouble began when he had to repeatedly ask to get his credit card back and was told by the manager to “get the f*** off the property.”

He said he was then dragged by the manager, and that’s when the brawl began.

According to TMZ, one employee was considering filing charges against Hall.

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