Mom’s ‘bubble braids’ are the perfect summer hairstyle for little girls

This parent’s “bubble braids” are the perfect easy summer hairstyle for kids with long hair!

Diana (@mrsblinks) is a self-described “Pinterest Mom” who loves sharing creative parenting hacks on TikTok. She has 366.7K followers who eagerly watch her videos and ask her for parenting advice.

One follower recently asked Diana to reveal how she braids “bubble braids” into her daughter’s hair, and Diana obliged! 

In the video, Diana explains that “bubble braids” are the perfect hairstyle for parents who haven’t quite mastered the art of braiding

She explains, “I love this hairstyle because it gives the look of a braid without being as tricky, so if you’re not good at doing braids, this is the perfect hairstyle for you.”

To create the adorable braids, Diana begins by making two ponytails one above the other on the top right side of her daughter’s head. She takes the top ponytail, splits it in half, and feeds the bottom ponytail through. 

“Have your child hold [the bottom ponytail],” Diana recommends. “Then tie it with a little rubber band.”

The process continues directly below the first two ponytails. Each set of two ponytails, woven through each other, becomes an individual “braid.” Once Diana finishes the right side of her daughter’s head, she restarts the process on the left to create “bubble braid” pigtails. 

Once all of the braids are done, Diana finishes by loosening them slightly to give her daughter’s hair more volume. “I pull out the pieces to make it look big, and then you’re all set with a beautiful braid,” she explains.

The final hairstyle looks adorable, is easy to achieve, and helps keep the hair out of Diana’s daughter’s face as she plays. 

‘I’m trying this right as we speak!’

Viewers jumped into the comments to express their gratitude for Diana’s hair-styling tutorial.

“Did this to my 4-year-old yesterday because of your video! Thanks for the inspo!” wrote one grateful parent. 

“Thank you so much! I’m trying this right as we speak,” replied another appreciative TikToker

Another viewer simply responded, “You’re an awesome mama.”

Styling children’s hair can be difficult. Certain hairstyles are painful, while others just take too long for kids who would rather be playing. Fortunately, Diana’s “bubble braids” aren’t just cute, they’re also quick and easy to achieve, making them a perfect look for kids with long hair!

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