How to build a romantic relationship from home

Welcome to the Love Hotline! Drag queens Jujubee and Thorgy Thor are answering your burning questions about navigating the world of dating. Whether it be over video chat or good old-fashioned letters, your two favorite queens have got you covered with their entertaining “expert” advice!

Thorgy Thor and Jujubee are usually the ones dishing out life lessons. But in this episode of Love Hotline, caller Angela has the drag queens all ears. 

Angela uses a wheelchair so dating isn’t always as easy as rushing over to the person she’s seeing after a late-night “U up?” text. She asked Thorgy and Jujubee how to foster a romantic relationship from home when traveling isn’t always accessible to her. 

“I’m in a wheelchair,” Angela said. “So this is for me and probably a lot of women out there. When a guy wants me to meet him on short notice, I don’t have time to just rush out and meet with him. So, how am I supposed to build a relationship from home?” 

For the hosts, it was less about Angela meeting her romantic prospects and more about them meeting her halfway.

“If you’re going to meet somebody worth your time, they’re going to have to learn how to work with you,” Thorgy said.

“This is you. You’re stunning! And anybody would be lucky to be with you,” Jujubee added.

Angela agreed with the hosts, adding that it can be hard for women with disabilities to hold their ground in relationships. 

“I’m pretty open where I just put everything on the table,” Angela said. “So like you said, most of the time it’s picking the right person, who’s gonna fit, who understands and all that. Most women in wheelchairs or with disabilities, they don’t have the confidence to deal with that.” 

Jujubee and Thorgy were moved by Angela’s fierce attitude. 

“You have such an attitude of gratitude,” Jujubee told her. “And you’re showing all the women out there who are like you that anything is possible. And I don’t even know what you are asking us because we are over here listening to you.” 

“You goddesses know, you have to own it, embrace it,” Angela said. “And that’s what it’s all about.” 

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