Burger King apparently thinks it deserves a Michelin Star — and, no, it’s not kidding

Burger King’s Belgium arm thinks its burger is so good that it deserves a Michelin star — and the fast food chain is very serious about its appeal for one.

Recently, Kevin Derycke, the CEO Of Burger King Belgium, launched a petition on Change.org begging the Michelin Guide inspectors to consider bestowing the highly coveted award on the restaurant following the rollout of its Master Angus burger.

“We know very well that ‘Burger King’ and ‘Michelin star restaurant’ don’t mix,” Derycke admitted in his open letter. “It’s true that you won’t find silver cutlery, satin tablecloth or valet parking at the entrance at Burger King.”

But the CEO did cite one reason the chain should be in the running for a star: the fast-food joint’s newest burger.

“Close your eyes, but keep them open a little longer to read what follows: first, you will be enchanted by the hypnotic perfume of a perfect flame grilled Angus patty wrapped in a soft bun,” Derycke wrote. “Then a bouquet of dazzling flavors tickles your taste buds: melted cheddar, mayonnaise with mustard à l’ancienne and onions, crispy bacon, juicy tomatoes, crunchy arugula and a tsunami of … Sorry, we’re getting carried away a little.”

Credit: Burger King

Derycke’s letter, with its mouth-watering description of the burger, doesn’t end there. He then challenges the inspectors to do what he thinks is right.

“By the way, do you have many in your red book that can serve exceptional dishes in just five minutes, and all this guaranteed without having to book three months in advance?” he asked. “Come on, dear Michelin Guide inspectors, isn’t it even time to end the tension that’s been going on for 66 years and 3 paragraphs now?”

The CEO’s petition has only requested 500 signatures — and, as of Oct. 1, it has received nearly 460.

For its part, the social media at Michelin responded to Burger King’s plea on Facebook.

“Who said we need silver cutlery?” Michelin posted, suggesting that it would give Burger King Belgium a chance to prove itself. “Ready for tasting and assessment by a MICHELIN Guide inspector: Product quality, mastery of cooking, harmony of flavors, personality of the chef, regularity over time and on the menu. See you on 11/1 to discover our next edition of the MICHELIN Guide Belgium and Luxembourg and find out if Burger King fast food deserves a star!”

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