Burger King’s French Toast Sandwich does not deserve to be called a ‘fan favorite’

As In The Know previously reported, the Burger King French Toast Sandwich is back, and as monstrous as ever.

Last week, Burger King made its coveted breakfast sandwich available for the first time since its initial launch and disappearance in 2019. The French Toast Sandwich is made up of two slices of French toast with cheese, egg and a choice of bacon, sausage or ham.

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The fan-favorite revival comes after a string of other fast-food franchises re-releasing beloved classics: McDonald’s fans welcomed the return of its Hi-C Organe Lavaburst drink and Taco Bell enthusiasts celebrated seeing the Quesalupa back on the menu.

My coworker and frenemy Dillon Thompson and I exist in a subsect of the foodie world, in which we almost exclusively fight about fast food and junk food. Dillon is selfishly a vegetarian, which means he has asked me to try certain menu items in the past (like a literal bag of bacon). So, when he brought up Burger King’s French Toast Sandwiches I knew I would have to sacrifice my wellbeing to see if it was actually worthy of its cult-level status.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a greasy dumpster fire of a breakfast sandwich. French toast is the third-best batter-based breakfast food (after pancakes and waffles). But French toast and meat … together?!

I ordered a French Toast Sandwich with sausage, and it was a lot smaller than I was anticipating. There was a grease spot at the bottom of the bag by the time I got back to my apartment, which made me think either the sandwich was going to sit like a rock in my stomach all day or I was going to fall asleep by 2 p.m.

Overall, it tasted fine — like a breakfast sandwich topped with cinnamon, which I think ruins a lot of good things. I will probably never order it again and I’m going to chalk up it being a fan-favorite menu item because it is such a weird food combo.

But unlike other weird food combos — like Taco Bell’s Quesalupa which combines a quesadilla and a taco and is so good that I never want to eat anything else — I just don’t think this Burger King sandwich works. I will be sticking to my regular bacon, egg and cheese on a bagel order for now.


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