Burger King employees ‘concerned’ after TikToker’s drive-thru stunt

TikTok user Jimmy Darts rolled up to Burger King with a very clear motive.

The viral prankster, famous for his fast food-related stunts, started his latest challenge in the drive-thru line. A follower had dared him to go through the same drive-thru 10 times in a row, never acknowledging that he’d been there before.

But after his actions left a few employees “concerned” Darts’ prank video took a surprising, heartwarming turn.

In the clip, which has drawn more than 7 million views, Darts rolls up to a Burger King and orders a Whopper Jr. Then, he drives right back into the line and does it again.

By the third time, Burger King employees seem surprised by Darts’ behavior. One worker even questions him as to why he’s still there.


Comment what I should do next 😂

♬ original sound – Jimmy Darts

By the sixth time, a young, blonde employee seemed genuinely worried about Darts. Instead of freaking out, he just tries to help out.

“Actually, you’ve come through six times in the last 10 minutes,” the employee says.

“Oh, you’re kidding me!” Darts replies, feigning cluelessness.

On Darts’ seventh visit, the same employee invites him to come inside and talk. Darts obliges and brings along his plethora of hamburgers.

Realizing the worker was worried about him, Darts then shares the food with the employee. Many TikTok users found the exchange extremely heartwarming.

“That was the nicest Burger King worker ever,” one user wrote.

“GIVE THIS MAN A RAISE,” another added.

“They were so concerned,” another wrote.

In response to his commenters, Darts posted a follow-up video in which he agreed the worker was the “best employee ever.”

“This man deserves a blessing,” Darts says in the clip.


Yo @burgerking you’ve got some great employees @ronnie4rules 🍔❤️

♬ original sound – Jimmy Darts

In the video, the TikToker congratulates the employee on treating him so kindly — then gives him $1,000 in cash.

“There’s no way,” the worker says as he opens Darts’ gift. “I don’t even know what to say.”

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