Burger King pulls off creepy Halloween stunt, takes dig at rival in the process

In a move that’s triggering memories of fourth-grade sleepover parties for me, Burger King locations in Sweden and Denmark have installed voice-activated software in their restrooms that will spook guests after they say “canceled clown” three times into the mirror.

Then, the bathroom lights will dim and the outline of the former McDonald’s mascot, Ronald McDonald, will appear in a two-way smart mirror above the sinks.

The spooky stunt is part of the fast-food chain’s Halloween campaign and plays on the “Bloody Mary” urban legend.

“A few years ago, a particular clown got abruptly ‘canceled’ from his long-standing job at a certain hamburger chain,” Burger King said in the video announcing the campaign. “But this Halloween he is back — at Burger King restrooms.”

McDonald’s officially retired the character of Ronald McDonald in 2016 after a series of creepy clown sightings started popping up all over the U.S.

“If you do dare to summon him, it might be worth your while,” Burger King added.

“Well, this sounds terrifying…” one person tweeted in response to the news.

Burger King is no stranger to over-the-top promotional acts. For Pride 2020, Burger King Mexico changed its name on Facebook to “Burger Queer.” In recent weeks, the franchise has even started a petition to have Burger King considered for a Michelin Star.

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