Woman catches hair on fire while participating in dangerous TikTok trend

If you’re thinking about participating in a TikTok trend that involves putting fire anywhere near your face or hair, I’d give that a second thought — especially with the month we’ve had so far.

The new “Burning Pile” challenge is a twist on so many TikTok trends that have come before it. You start lip-syncing in casual clothes, then with a dramatic flourish, you appear magically dressed up.

This challenge’s unique feature, though, is that said “flourish” is not just a musical transition or a boot coming down from above — you have to brandish an open flame in front of your face with one of those pocket-sized lighters.

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TikTok star Madi Monroe accidentally caught her hair on fire while attempting that grand flourish.

“I’M OKAY but this is actually so funny HAHA,” she wrote in her caption.


⚠️IM OKAY⚠️ but this is actually so funny HAHA

♬ Burning Pile – Mother Mother

Commenters were still concerned.

“That’s why I’m not even trying to do this trend,” one wrote.

“My jaw dropped,” another said.

“This is my biggest fear,” a third commented.

Duke Depp, also known as TikTok’s Willy Wonka, burned his finger while recording his take on the trend.


this is why i don’t play with fire

♬ Burning Pile – Mother Mother

If you’d still like to stay up on the trends, consider using a safer lighter like @roastedpotatoredhead here.

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