Business coach shares tips on how to stop caring about others’ opinions

Business coach Sadiq has three positive mindset-setting steps for people who are struggling to live their lives without fear of judgment.

There are so many cliché sayings about not fearing judgment, but it can be difficult to actually apply the sentiment in everyday life.

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Sadiq shares all sorts of inspirational content on his TikTok page, where he has over 37,000 followers. The TikToker is someone who has reworked his mindset to understand that others’ opinions shouldn’t shape his decisions or feelings towards himself.

“How can we ever live our best life if we continuously just allow other people’s opinions to control our life, to make us live a life that’s not true to our authentic self?” Sadiq asked In The Know.


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Sadiq also explained that everyone has something to say about everything. It’s about focusing on the helpful and positive takes, rather than unnecessary criticisms or judgments.

To reach this mindset, Sadiq has three steps to overcoming a fear of judgment.

1. Find gratitude in your life.

“Really [take] time out to just be grateful for what it is that you have,” Sadiq said. “For the fact that you’re here right now, that you’re watching this video, be grateful that you even have the opportunity to have a phone and have a laptop and do things today to make a true impact in the world.”

2. Don’t take other people’s opinions personally.

“Now, this is one that you’re going to have to practice a lot more on your personal growth and your mindset,” he explained. “We all like to overthink things when someone says, ‘Hey, you look like this’ or ‘You should be doing this with your life,’ but nobody really knows what you should be doing with your life better than yourself.”

Sadiq’s advice is to take five to 10 minutes out of your day — to focus on being present in the moment and blocking out judgment.

“[Don’t allow] those opinions of people around you to dictate your life, because that’s something that’s going to help you overcome the fear of judgment,” he said.

3. You must find self-love.

“After you find self-love, that is when you can become selfless,” Sadiq said. “When you find that self-love, ask yourself this one question. What would the bolder version of yourself do right now? What would a 10 times bolder version of you do right now?”

As awkward as it sounds — even Sadiq acknowledges this can feel uncomfortable at first — start by looking at yourself in the mirror and telling yourself positive mantras and compliments.

“When I shifted a perspective and started becoming more confident in myself and stopped worrying about people’s opinions, I actually started attracting amazing opportunities,” Sadiq said. “Find a way in your life to believe in yourself because you’ve got one life.”

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