TikTok’s ‘butter dog’ trend is, well, exactly what it sounds like

How long have we been social distancing now? Eight months? It feels like an eternity, and the TikTok trends are starting to show it.

Thanks to a viral audio clip, users are — wait for it — putting butter on their dogs. Yep, that’s it.

As user @binhanas thoughtfully demonstrated here, it’s really that simple. You just put butter on your dog’s head. It can be a scoop of butter or an entire stick of it — that’s up to you and what your dog’s head size will allow.


someone write a caption for this please

♬ original sound – Tik Toker

According to Lessons in Meme Culture, the original “butter dog” was posted on the app iFunny on Sept. 23. It was just a dog with a square slice of butter on its head, no audio, but people began commenting “butter dog” on the video, and thus, a meme was born.

The key to the TikTok trend, though, is the audio. It was first uploaded by a user who deleted the original video, so it’s impossible to tell where it came from.

“Butter dog, the dog with the butter on it,” a nameless, deep voice says over and over again, sometimes on top of the last repetition of the line. The accent pronounces the words like “butta dawg,” and so on. It’s infectious.

The dog in this video from @dunkinandfriends, presumably Dunkin himself, did not enjoy being buttered, as he walked away from the camera frame and came back with a hammer.

“Who’s the good boy now?” one user commented on the video.

“He wants revenge,” another said.

This video from @typical_trish isn’t part of the trend because it doesn’t use the audio, but there’s no denying that a dog with a mouth full of butter is, legally speaking, a butter dog.


he wouldn’t let go, we had to carve it out with a spoon #fyp #butter #pet #college

♬ origineel geluid – shittyflute

Fortunately, this trend is entirely safe — dogs can safely eat butter, although we would not recommend letting them have the entire stick. Have at it, pet owners.

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