College graduate sews rainbow flag inside her gown and ‘flashes’ conservative university: ‘I will not hide’

This woman on TikTok showed her LGBTQIA+ pride when graduating from Brigham Young University, by displaying the rainbow flag sewn inside her graduation gown. 

TikToker Jillian Orr (@jillianoreo) is a recent college graduate and LGBTQIA+ activist. Orr, who is bisexual, recently showed her pride by fabulously revealing a rainbow flag lining the inside of her gown when receiving her diploma from Brigham Young University, a conservative university owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 

In a video Orr posted to TikTok, she explains over footage leading up to her bold statement that “at BYU, it’s against the honor code to be in a homosexual relationship.”

Over a close-up shot of a rainbow flag being sewn to the inside of her graduation gown, Orr explains that if the school finds out that students are in a homosexual relationship or even just holding hands, “there are severe consequences.” 

Orr goes into further detail, claiming that BYU will threaten to expel students and rescind their degrees.

Ultimately, “students are afraid to be who they are, so they hide out of fear until they get out,” Orr notes, over footage of her getting fitted for her graduation gown.  

“I will not hide,” Orr declares over a shot of her turning around to show off the finished product. As she grabs the opening of her graduation gown for the big reveal, the clip cuts to Orr on graduation day, proudly displaying the rainbow flag sewn inside, while the words, “I will be seen,” appear on screen. 

The video cuts to a photo of Orr on stage at graduation, joyfully showing her gown’s rainbow flag interior “in front of the entire school” on the stadium’s jumbotron. 

Orr closes the video with two photos of her looking like a proud college graduate with a future as bright as her rainbow flag. 

While comments on Orr’s video have been turned off, there’s no doubt that her confidence in showing the world who she is will positively impact individuals of all ages.

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