Who is Caden Woodall? The high school football player is blowing up on TikTok

Recently on TikTok, a new heartthrob has emerged, albeit completely by accident. His name is Caden Woodall, and he’s a star running back from Michigan who didn’t even have an account on TikTok until yesterday.

So, who exactly is Caden Woodall, and how did he become a TikTok sensation without even having an account? His rise to fame is quite random, but also very sweet.

How did Caden Woodall blow up on TikTok?

Earlier this month, TikTok user @rawrits.alex — who seems to attend high school with Woodall — uploaded a video of him and his teammates singing and dancing along to Justin Bieber and Sean Kingston’s “Eenie Meenie.” The original version of the video was taken down, but @rawrits.alex uploaded it again on Nov. 7, and that version already has 2.9 million likes as of writing.

Though there are several Spartans football players in @rawrits.alex’s video, Woodall steals the show. Donning his No. 7 jersey, the running back smiles and sings into the camera before getting the entire team to dance along with him. It’s endearing, and from the short clip alone, Woodall is now TikTok’s latest obsession.

Many users have started creating their own videos simping over the football player on a new side of TikTok known as ‘Number 7 TikTok.’ (It’s called ‘Number 7 TikTok’ because that’s Woodall’s high school jersey number.)


@cadenwoodall could run me over with a bus and i’d thank him….i only spent like half an hour finding him

♬ original sound – Rawr

“The real life Troy Bolton,” one person said.

“Don’t you just wish you were there,” another added.

“First guy was the main character,” a third wrote.

So, who is Caden Woodall?

Woodall, aka ‘Number 7,’ is a senior at Adlai E. Stevenson High School in Livonia, Mich. According to MaxPreps, he is 6′ 1″ and 220 pounds and, obviously, plays for the school’s football team, the Stevenson Spartans.

A current senior, Woodall is committed to play at Harvard University. In a statement posted to Twitter, he thanked his family, his teammates and his coaches for helping his achieve his dreams.

If you can’t already tell, Number 7 is actually pretty good at football. He was recently named as a finalist for Michigan High School Football Player of the Year. He also finished this current season with 34 touchdowns in just eight games.

For everyone who’s wondering (which, judging by all the TikToks, is a lot of people), Woodall is single. In an interview with MLive, he joked, “I’m single, so it’s all good,” referring to the TikTok exploding overnight.


#duet with @kendall.conley #greenscreen had to post this for my famous friend😱 Go get him ladies #harvardcommit #7 #exy #SUPERSTAR @cadenwoodall tbc

♬ original sound – Rawr

His alleged ex Sydney is on TikTok, though, and she’s encouraging users to go after Number 7, her former beau.

“Go get him ladies,” she captioned a montage video of pictures of the two of them seemingly when they were dating. As many people noted, this seems to be further proof that Woodall is a stand-up guy.

Is Woodall on TikTok?


hey guys #7 here, video cred @rawrits.alex , @lnolan_07 @landenmacek @jcantrell207 @maxims81 #fyp

♬ original sound – Rawr

Though Woodall didn’t have a TikTok account of his own before developing a massive fan base, he recently created one and uploaded his very first video on Nov. 18 dancing to — you guessed it — “Eenie Meenie.” His video, as of writing, has 4.4 million likes and more than 128,000 comments from people calling him “the male version of Charli [D’Amelio].”

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