Cake decorator makes desserts with a special twist

Melissa Afriani is the baker behind LisaliciousCake. The Indonesian dessert guru turned her hobby into a business. Afriani serves up made-to-order delectables from her Batam Island home.

Each of the intricate confections showcases Afriani’s craftmanship. Whether it’s a Princess Jasmine birthday cake, a golden macaroon wedding anniversary cake or a gravity defining Heineken beer cake, Afriani can do it all. 

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But if you’re really looking for something unique, Afriani’s most masterful works are her spinning carousel cakes. The baker’s custom orders typically take five to eight hours to complete and these confectionary goliaths are no exception. 

Afriani created one with a Snow White theme for a girl’s second birthday in August.

On the lower and second level are Snow White’s seven dwarves working outside a cottage. Afriani used molding chocolate to create trees, tiny fruits and flowers. The cake topper is Snow White herself, spinning as if to showcase all the wonders below. 

But her most ornate carousel cake is an actual carousel. The four-tier rosy pink and white cake with gold trimming is modeled after the popular amusement park ride. The rotating third level features five pink-maned ponies that would lure in any kid with its whimsical charm. 

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