Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War reveals First Look for upcoming Zombies mode

The tradition continues. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War shared the details of its upcoming Zombies mode with a First Look trailer.

Cold War’s Zombie mode is going to be a mixture of the new and the old. It will progress the Zombie campaign’s storyline with a new story, new characters and be set during, you guessed it, the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union.

In the new map, Die Maschine, you’ll be playing as members of Requiem, a CIA-affiliated group exploring a derelict World War II bunker which houses a terrible power. That terrible power is zombies, of course.

But zombies aren’t the only threat. Players will also be warring against Omega Group, a Soviet counterpart to Requiem that’s also hunting for supernatural secrets to gain an edge against the United States.

Veteran Black Ops fans will appreciate the throwbacks here. Requiem is led by Grigori Weaver, the Russian American operative who played an important role in the Black Ops campaign. Die Maschine also takes place partly in Nacth der Untoten, the very first Black Ops Zombie map which was released in 2010.

Credit: Activision

Developers also confirmed that all future DLC content for Zombies will be free of charge. Progression earned in Zombies will also carry over all other multiplayer modes in Cold War.

Along with the new progression changes, players can now dive into games with a customized loadout. Gone are the days of spawning into the map with nothing but a scuffed pistol to hold you over until you get your hands on some real firepower (unless you want to, of course). Equipment such as helicopter call-ins and sentry turrets can either be crafted or found in the map.

As for the story, Cold War Zombies is a sort of soft reboot. The heroes of Black Ops 4’s Zombie campaign sacrificed themselves to create a new timeline where zombies didn’t exist. As the First Look trailer hints, they were only partly successful.

It’s a nice compromise for both hardcore fans and newcomers, because honestly, the Black Ops Zombies storyline is very long and complex.

The Black Ops Zombies mode was also notable for featuring real historical figures such as John F. Kennedy and Fidel Castro fighting hordes of the undead. No word yet if Ronald Reagan: Zombie Slayer will be a thing but my fingers are crossed.

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