Reality star claps back at critics dissecting her postpartum body

Former Love Island star Camilla Thurlow is speaking out about the realities of how your body changes after giving birth.

On Feb. 19, the reality star — who gave birth to her daughter Nell Sophia on Oct. 27 — decided to take a moment to address some of her fans who have been asking her whether she’s already pregnant again.

Instead of shaming these fans for dissecting and scrutinizing her body, Thurlow used the comments as an opportunity to remind her followers that “if a woman wants you to know she is pregnant, she will tell you.” She also took time to celebrate her postpartum body and all the ways it has adapted to help her become a mother.

“FYI I’m not offended, I’m 3.5 months postpartum. My body spent 9 months adapting not just to carrying and birthing a baby, but to becoming a mother,” she wrote. “My shoulders are broader now and thank goodness they are as I’m carrying a baby around most of the time. They have allowed me to rock my little girl to sleep even when my arms were aching, to let her feel warm and safe in my arms.”

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“My hips are wider and I’m so glad they are as they give me the support I need to scoop her up and chatter into her perfect little face,” she continued. “I know I have days ahead when I’ll need to perch her on that hip, while I multi-task with her by my side. And yes, I have more energy stores! I’ve never needed them so much in my life, and I’ve never been more grateful to my body for finding a way to constantly keep going. […] So here is a picture, not of my body, but of my happy face, of the most contented I have ever been and of the strongest I have ever felt. I’m the luckiest woman in the world and those comments did not bother me, but just a gentle reminder that they could be hurtful to someone, however well-meaning they might be.”

Many fans applauded Thurlow’s eloquent response in the comments and thanked her for vocalizing what so many new moms feel.

“Honestly this is soo annoying. No one should comment on another person’s body,” one person said. “It’s literally [none] of their business. Thank [you] for this.”

“Love this!” another added. “I had a baby 4.5 months ago and I also still look pregnant.”

“It’s never OK to ask a woman if she’s pregnant,” a third wrote. “How amazing are our bodies that they can adjust and grow to accommodate a growing life.”

Though Thurlow is a bona fide reality star under close scrutiny, she’s never shied away from being candid about her struggles as a mother. Back in December, she posted a photo of Nell feeding from a bottle and shared that she “struggled with breastfeeding” at first — and though “some days and nights are harder than others,” the experience is “so special.”

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