A TikToker claims he found a ‘disturbing’ figure in his camping trip video

A TikTok user is going viral after sharing the allegedly “disturbing” detail he noticed in his camping trip video.

The TikToker, named Carter Booth (@carterbooth), has a page full of videos from various outdoor adventures. A recent clip, however, shared something a little different.

It’s the latest in a long line of viral videos in which TikTokers have claimed to notice scary figures in their clips — sometimes long after recording them. That includes shadowy figures in the background of beauty videos, possible home intruders hiding during dance videos and potential home invaders hiding in someone’s curtains.

Booth’s video, like many of those clips, is tough to verify. As with any clip of this kind, it’s possible the encounter was staged. Either way, the eerie TikTok has plenty of users creeped out.

“My friend and I went camping alone, but we saw this when we watched the footage,” Booth captioned the clip.


Never been so disturbed 😳 ##fyp ##creepy ##camping

♬ original sound – CarterBooth

The alleged figure in Booth’s video is easy to miss. Several TikTokers commented they’d watched the clip dozens of times without finding it. However, if you look closely toward the end of the TikTok, you can see what looks like one or two people standing on the rocks, just above Booth and his friend.

Of course, users had mixed reactions to the clip. Many were legitimately freaked out.

“Never going camping again,” one user wrote.

“When I saw it my heart literally stopped,” another added.

“How did you guys not see him?” another asked.

Others, meanwhile, accused Booth of staging the photo. Several wondered why he would point the camera specifically in that direction.

“Yeah, your third homie was at the top,” one commenter wrote.

“Totally staged,” another claimed.

A third group of TikTokers just decided to have fun with the whole thing.

“It’s your friend who didn’t get invited,” one user joked.

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