A TikTok user shared wild footage of a bear crawling out of his car

Can bears break into cars? That question is getting a resoundingly clear answer thanks to a new viral TikTok.

The footage comes courtesy of user Joseph Deel, who now goes by a very fitting username, @bear_inna_car. In his clip, which has more than 21 million views, Deel showed what happened when a black bear climbed inside his car.

In the video, Deel approaches his car and opens the door. A few seconds later, the bear exits the driver’s seat and runs off into the woods.


♬ original sound – bear_inna_car

Deel’s clip left TikTok users stunned and sparked plenty of questions.

“How did the bear even get in there?” one user asked.

“Why does the bear look so confused?” another wrote.

“Why did the door crunch when it opened?” yet another user asked.

Thankfully, Deel followed up with a series of TikToks explaining the situation. First of all, he explained that the incident took place while he and some friends were staying in a cabin in Gatlinburg, Tenn. The mountainous town is located near Great Smoky Mountains National Park, where black bear sightings are common.

Deel also explained how the bear got into his car. As he says in one video, bears can easily break into cars — especially if they’re left unlocked, as his was. He added that the bear seemingly tried getting into several nearby cars as well.

This claim is in line with guidance from the National Parks Service, which warns that bears — especially those that are used to human interaction — may try breaking into cars, RVs, cabins and more when agitated.

Finally, Deel went on to share some of the damage to his car… which has probably seen better days.


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♬ original sound – bear_inna_car

If you happen to encounter a black bear in the wild, the Human Society suggests standing and facing it directly. It helps to make yourself appear large without approaching or running away from the bear, which may spark a reaction.

Additionally, the humane society suggests banging on pots and pans or making other loud noises.

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