Restaurant customer sparks major debate with video of their controversial tipping attempt

Can you tip with a gift card? It’s a question thousands of TikTok users are now debating, thanks to one user’s viral video.

The argument started with a video from a user named Kaitlyn (@kaittwest). In her clip, which now has nearly 700,000 views, the TikToker shows her hands holding the bill at a Korean barbecue restaurant. Meanwhile, the guy she’s eating with reaches across the table and places a $25 Amazon gift card on the check.

“Holidays left us #broke,” Kaitlyn captioned the post.

Her video immediately sparked comments about tipping etiquette and what restaurant customers should or shouldn’t give to their servers.

It’s just the latest viral TikTok to raise these kinds of questions. Earlier this month, an Uber Eats driver launched a conversation about delivery app tips after explaining how customers can use “tip baiting” to manipulate their drivers. Before that, a waitress spurred an argument about restaurant etiquette after comparing her Gen Z customers to a “boomer” table.

Kaitlyn’s clip raised some questions from commenters. Many discussed the age-old issue of whether or not servers should work for tips at all.

“It blows my mind that people get angry at customers for not tipping them rather than [being] mad at companies for not paying a livable wage,” one user wrote.

“Tipping should be abolished,” another argued.

But when it came to the tip itself, many commenters agreed with Kaitlyn’s idea. Several users — some of whom said they were service workers themselves — explained why it could be a great idea to tip with a gift card. A few users pointed out that $25 was a fairly large tip, considering the check seemed to total $95.24.

“That’s actually really generous,” one user wrote.

“As a waitress, I would love it!” another added. “Lol $25, that’s more than 20%.”

“I don’t see what’s wrong?” another wrote. “He wanted to tip, and he was finding a way to do so.”

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