Woman baffles TikTok users with ‘amazing’ hack for fixing scratched floors

A woman is going viral on TikTok after showing how you can use nuts to fix scratches on your floor.

TikTok can often be a near-unlimited source of cleaning and organizational hacks. In the past few months alone, users have shared their tricks for making a lazy Susan with marbles, drying off moist dishes and quickly sorting through iPhone apps.

Now, user @endpin123 is going viral for her own household life hack. TikTokers are losing their minds over her solution for fixing scratches on a hardwood floor.

“I just put a scratch on my hardwood floor by accident,” the TikToker said in her clip. “And I heard that if you rub nuts on [the scratches], they disappear.”


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In her now-viral video, @endpin123 tries a variety of nuts on the scratch — including walnuts, pecans and pistachios. Both the walnut and pecan seem to remove the scratch instantaneously, almost like magic.

“Yep, it works,” the TikToker concluded.

Her trick, like many TikTok hacks, goes back much further than social media. It’s a method that’s been around for decades, seemingly, and one that works particularly well on lighter scratches and finished wood, according to Food52.

The reason? Oil from the nuts can seep into the wood and cover up a scratch, provided it’s not too deep. Walnuts are supposed to be particularly effective, but similar nuts should work as well.

TikTok users seemed largely unaware of the trick, and many called it “amazing.”

“Who on earth figured that out?” one user asked.

“OK but this actually slaps,” another added.

“Why did that work?” another asked.

“Just fixed my floor!” another praised.

As many commenters pointed out, this concept should work similarly for other oils. Some home improvement blogs claim that olive oil and vinegar can have a similar effect — but then again, it’s a lot less flashy.

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