Canadian commuters have unforgettable run-in with traffic controller: ‘It was awesome’

A pair of Canadian commuters said they had a memorable encounter with a teenage traffic controller who seemed to enjoy his job a little bit too much, CBC reports.

Iona Strachan and Monique Hurley, of Yellowknife, were returning home from a camping trip in Hay River and enjoying music in their car when they came across 17-year-old Daniel Odgers-Stedman, a traffic control worker from Victoria, B.C., at a construction stop on the Mackenzie Highway.

“We took our ‘Haycation,'” Strachan recalled. “We were dancing in the car … and as we pulled up, we saw Daniel dancing.”

Hurley added that the two had waved at Odgers-Stedman before dancing along with him for 20 minutes. The teenager, who reportedly started working as a controller at B.C.-based Arrowsmith Road Maintenance this summer, admitted to the network that it actually wasn’t the first time he had danced on the job — he had done it before in Castlegar, B.C.

“It wasn’t even dancing,” he recalled. “It was really just weird hand signals to get people laughing outside. And it turned into dancing and everyone just started dying over it.”

Odgers-Stedman, who works between 12 to 16 hours a day, said he simply wanted to bring his talent to the highway.

“It seems like the simplest job in the world,” he said, noting that he does occasionally find it mentally and physically challenging. “I found that with the dancing, it helped the time go by a lot quicker.”

It certainly caught the attention of both Strachan and Hurley, who recorded it.

“He was breaking it down,” Strachan said. “It was awesome. We should have put on our bug suits in the back and gotten out.”

The nearly one-minute video, which was shared on the CBC North’s Facebook page, shows Odgers-Stedman holding a stop sign and moving his hips around.

“Like, how could he be so happy with all of the mosquitoes that are out there?” one of the girls say in the video.

The clip has since received over 6 million views and more than 2,000 comments.

“People who find joy in the situation they are in and make their own sunshine are the kind of people that make our world a better place, ” one person wrote.

“[Whatever] it takes sometimes to make your work more fun or not such a long boring day,” another said. “Hope everything went good!”

Odgers-Stedman, for his part, has taken his new celebrity in stride.

“I honestly thought it was hilarious,” he told CBC. “It just made my day.”

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