Canadian woman battling cancer tries different hairstyles before shaving her head: ‘I kinda vibe with the short hair’ 

A 21-year-old Canadian woman has united TikTok with a wholesome video of her debuting different hairstyles she’s always wanted to try, before ultimately shaving her head.

Danica Di Giovanni (@danicadigio), a content creator based in Vancouver, Canada, has been chronicling her battle with Non-Hodgkin lymphoma on the digital platform. In a recent video, Danica opts to record the process of shaving her head — but prior to making the big buzz, she decides to try out different hairstyles.

“Literally f*** cancer but I kinda vibe with the short hair,” she writes.


literally fuck cancer but i kinda vibe with the short hair 😂💗#chemo #cancer #shaveitoff #bald #nonhodgkinslymphoma #fyp

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“Hey guys, so, my hair is falling out because of my chemo treatments,” Danica starts. “So, I’m gonna shave my head today, like, right now, but I’m gonna do some hairstyles before. So, I just want you guys to do that with me.”

First, Danica tries out bangs.

“I don’t know how to do this though, that’s the problem,” she says with a laugh while separating the front sections of her hair with a comb.

“I kinda like the bangs,” Danica says while looking at her new, wispy fringe in the mirror.

“No, you look absolutely stunning,” her friend is heard saying.

The next look Danica debuts is a bob.

“OK, so this is it really short, without the bangs,” Danica reveals. “We kinda like it. It’s kinda cute. I mean, it’s obviously not done amazingly… I kinda like my hair short. It’s, like, kinda cute.”

Danica then cuts pieces of her hair off before bringing in the razor.

“OK guys, I don’t really know how this works,” she says as she takes the razor to her hair. “Oh, that’s, like, really bald. What number am I supposed to do it at?…I have a bald spot, but it’s OK I’m gonna be bald anyways because of the chemo.”

Danica’s friend steps in to finish the job, and then she shows off her newly buzzed ‘do.

“Guys, I finished shaving my head,” Danica says. “It’s really weird. It’s gonna be eventually fully bald, but that’s OK. This is me with a shaved head.”

“I absolutely love how you made something that can be so hard into something so fun.”

Danica’s video has an impressive audience with more than 929,500 views and 119,400 likes. Her warm personality and ability to radiate positivity during this time especially moved commenters.

“I love how strong your energy is you look gorgeous!” one user wrote.

“You look gorgeous danica!!!! Love you and am so happy to see you still radiate happiness through this,” another replied.

“I absolutely love how you made something that can be so hard into something so fun,” a TikToker praised.

“Imo losing your hair is the hardest part you’re absolutely gorg,” someone said.

Danica shared additional details about her cancer journey and how she came to view her circumstance in a positive light while giving herself the grace to feel the lows of it all.

“so my mom has cancer as well ( breast to be specific) and in the summer of 2021 she had to shave her head. i remember it being so traumatic and something very hard for us,” Danica told In The Know by Yahoo via Instagram. “when my hair started falling out i really didn’t want it to be like that and i wanted it to be something positive (even tho it’s not the greatest situation) but something i can look back at and smile.”

Danica wanted to rewrite the narrative of what it meant to lose your hair in this way, and with this video, that’s exactly what she did.

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