Canadian woman goes on vacation with her girlfriends, realizes they’re being watched by hidden cameras: ‘Your friends intuition was on point!’

The unthinkable happened to a woman and her girlfriends while staying at an Airbnb: they were being watched and recorded.

Kennedy (@kennedyallegedly), a Canadian content creator, recently went on vacation with her girlfriends. What started off as a fun girls’ trip soon took a turn for the chilling.

“There were 15 girls staying in a house for my friend’s 30th birthday,” Kennedy explains. “One of our friends was like, ‘Guys, I’m really paranoid. I feel like there’s cameras in the house,’ and we were like, ‘Girl, you watch way too much TikTok. There are no cameras in this house. You’re just being dramatic.'”

It seems, however, Kennedy’s friend was right. After looking in “like, every single shower head, all the picture frames, doorknobs, everywhere,” she found one in the bathroom.

“One of the outlets was facing directly to the shower,” Kennedy reveals. “OK, so first of all, this outlet did not work. You couldn’t plug anything into it. You can see in the top here there’s nothing, looks totally normal. And then in the bottom one, look at that little camera.”

After alerting the cops, they retrieved the hidden cameras and sent them for analysis.

“Like, part of me was not convinced it was real,” Kennedy admits. “And then they found the cameras, which means we’ve been there for a night, like, showering and things… So, the moral of the story is; always check your outlets for cameras at your Airbnb and always listen to your super paranoid friends.”

“For me, the moral of the story is Airbnb has completely gone downhill and now hotels look pretty nice”

Naturally, viewers have strong reactions to Kennedy’s story. Many have taken to the comments to share their growing disdain toward Airbnb and how the company has “gone downhill,” especially as of late.

“Your friends intuition was on point! Wow,” someone replied.

“For me, the moral of the story is Airbnb has completely gone downhill and now hotels look pretty nice,” another wrote.

“I’d sue Airbnb AND those hosts,” one user suggested. “get that bank because the therapy to recover from that will be expensive.”

Airbnb has since spoken out on the situation.

“We ban hidden cameras and we are investigating these allegations. The guest who booked this reservation has received a full refund,” an Airbnb spokesperson told In The Know by Yahoo via email.

Take it from Kennedy: There’s definitely merit to trusting your instincts.

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