Some students are just finding out that their teachers can track their screen activity

College students have faced plenty of new challenges in 2020 — and in some cases, new ways to get in trouble.

Even cheating looks different, as plenty of TikTok users have recently learned. One of those users, named Abraham, shared his discovery live during a virtual class.

In a video that now has more than 3.2 million views, Abraham listens in while his professor reviews one of his classmate’s quiz results. The student, it turns out, cheated on their assignment — and the professor knew all about it.

“This student got 10 out of 10 for the matching section, which looks great,” the professor says in his video. “But if I click ‘view log,’ I can see that this student actually left the quiz window quite a few times while he was taking the quiz.”

Abraham’s school uses Canvas, an education management platform popular with colleges across the U.S. Apparently, the system has a feature that allows instructors to see if their students changed browser tabs or left their screen during an assignment.


share with a friend to save a life😭 ##fyp ##chegg ##canvas

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“Share with a friend to save a life,” Abraham captioned his clip.

Students aren’t the only one sharing this revelation. Plenty of professors have also gone viral for relaying the information, seemingly in an attempt to advise students against cheating.

One clip, by a community college professor named Lawrence Kim, has earned more than 1.2 million views.


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Regardless of the intention, the information seems to be taking plenty of TikTok users by surprise.

“I’m so glad you posted this, I won’t be doing this anymore,” one user wrote on Kim’s video.

“Is this for real?” another asked.

“This is negative energy, I’m out,” another added.

In the comments, Kim clarified that Canvas will even recognize if a student is using two monitors, provided they’re connected to the same computer. Opening a separate browser window won’t work either, he claimed.

Of course, TikTok users chimed in with all kinds of ideas for getting around the feature — but just a gentle reminder: Cheating is bad.

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