Trending CapCut template claims to show what your future children will look like: ‘So essentially Selena Gomez’

A trending CapCut template is giving TikTokers a glimpse at what their future kids will look like, and users are loving it. 

To set up the experiment, all you have to do is start with a current picture of yourself and then let the filter do its magic. The template has a horizontal line that scans the picture. As it does that, the image of your future child replaces your picture. 

“Apparently, this shows what my future kid would look like,” said @aracely.t15.

The result came out to be a cute child that received praise from viewers. 

“She looks like a sweetheart,” said @fonncee.

There have been mixed results with the filter. While certain people (and the comment section) think the new baby will look just like them, there are instances where the child might look like it belongs to a different family. 

“This filter shows you how your future child would look like,” wrote @hasani_04.

Not everyone thought her baby would look like her. 

“So essentially Selena Gomez,” said @kevkev.310.

“Kinda looks like Kourtney [Kardashian’s] kids,” replied @adriaticspring.

With TikTokers getting a chance to see what their child would look like, some people have had to stop themselves from wanting a baby right now. 

“Let me go find that list of how much it sucks to be pregnant cause,” said @sshystevens.

Several TikTokers have gotten a glimpse into the future with this template, resulting in mixed feelings about having a baby. Nevertheless, the filter gives users a little more clarity on what their mini-me would look like. 

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