Can this TikTok-famous ‘cleaning slime’ fix any mess?

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TikTok users are obsessed with this car cleaning slime that apparently can get dirt out of any nook and cranny.

But is it really as magic as it sounds? At the very least, it’s unlike any cleaning product we’ve ever seen before.

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The slick, stretchy putty can take the shape of any container — meaning it can get inside your air vents, your cupholders and more. There’s a good reason TikTok users are so obsessed with it. Several videos feature the gadget have gone viral on the app, drawing excited comments from viewers.

“Where can I buy this?” one user commented on a clip feature the slime.

“So cool,” another added.

“I need that,” another wrote.

So, to see if the car cleaning slime is really worth the hype, we decided to put it to the test. We compared the putty in an all-out, no-holds-barred car-cleaning race. Here’s what happened.

Is car cleaning slime really the best way to clean your car?

To test our slime, we compared it to a full cleaning kit — complete with sponges, spray bottles, a giant bucket, some microfiber cloth and a horsehair brush. Then, we set our timer and got cleaning.

First, we compared the two methods — the putty and our “traditional” cleaning kit — on speed. This was a win for the traditional method, which cleaned one side of this editor’s very dirty car in just five minutes and 20 seconds. Meanwhile, the putty did the job about a minute slower.

Next, we compared on price. The car cleaning slime is cheap, and worth every penny. Our cleaning kit cost about $50, which was around seven times more expensive. Score one for the slime

Finally, we compared both methods on overall effectiveness. The cleaning putty made a strong case here since it can get in spaces that other cleaning supplies could never dream of. Still, it’s not as versatile as a literal arsenal of cleaning tools, so we gave this round to our traditional kit.

So, is the car cleaning slime the best way to clean your car? No. But it is the perfect tool to add to whatever else you already have. It picks up dirt, leaves, lint, crumbs and anything else you could ever dream of spilling — all while looking like something out of the movie Flubber.

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