What is the song ‘car dragon’ on TikTok and where did it come from?

A song on TikTok dubbed “car dragon” is going viral but it’s not really anything new. 

The popular tune is actually the 2007 song “Yahhh” by Soulja Boy. You’ve probably heard the sound featuring a high-pitched cartoonish voice saying, “Get up out my face, you doodoo head dummy / Hey, Soulja Boy can I yahhh trick yahhh!” 

TikTok has dubbed the throwback track “car dragon” because it has become the soundtrack to a new strange meme. The hashtag #cardragon currently has over 934,000 views. 

In the trend, people like @lifeondr4gs, record themselves before and after Google searching the term “car dragon.” People always seem to look shocked afterward but a quick search of the phrase just brings back results showing, cars, dragons and cars that look like dragons. 

“All I see is cars that look like dragons,” a user wrote

“I just see cars and dragons?” another said

“Nooo. Why?” @graygrayisgaygay said after conducting the search

Meanwhile, another user declared they were “scarred” after Googling “car dragon.” 

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