Car mechanic adds rotating seat modification for people with mobility issues

A mechanic in Malaysia is offering a special car seat modification to customers with disabilities. 

Maman runs Syah Autoparts Kempas Utama in Johor Bahru. Footage taken in July shows him using the swivel car seat installed in a Perodua Myvi, a nationally ubiquitous brand of compact cars in Malaysia. 

In the clip, Maman sits in the passenger’s seat. When he pushes a button on the side of the chair, it automatically rotates so that the passenger’s legs face outside of the door. The seat then extends outward and lowers Maman a few inches closer to the ground. The mechanic next demonstrates the seat reversing the process. It raises him up, pulls him inside the vehicle then swivels him back in the forward-facing position. 

While Maman says he did not invent the seat himself, he did use his seven years of experience to wire it into the Perodua Myvi. 

“We are a company that provides half-cut parts from Japan. Thus, the seat system you see came ready in a box,” Maman told Newsflare. “We only made the wiring and installed the seat into the old model Myvi.”

A seat like this could prove very helpful to someone with mobility issues. According to Woman’s World those with conditions like arthritis, multiple sclerosis or osteoarthritis will find a rotating car seat particularly useful. That’s because it reduces strain to the hips and back by eliminating a need to twist the body. While many swivel seats are spinning cushions that sit on top of a car seat, Maman’s example is really next-level. 

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