Mom has brilliant solution for kids who get carsick on trips: ‘Omg I needed this 30 years ago’

Car sickness is the worst, but this mom has a “cool” solution that might help make car rides smoother for little ones.

Mom and TikToker Jacquelin (@momlikeaboss_) hypothesizes that her child’s car sickness is partially made worse by overheating. In this case, she recommends getting a small stroller fan or drug store handheld fan and some cooling pads that stick to your baby’s head and help cool them down, which experts agree can help with car sickness

According to Mayo Clinic, motion sickness happens when the inner ears, eyes, and joint and muscle nerves send conflicting messages to the brain. The inner ear senses that the body is moving, while the eyes do not, resulting in the feeling of motion sickness.

The cooling pads that Jacquelin recommends don’t need to be refrigerated, so you can just throw them in a diaper bag or keep them in the car! 

There isn’t much research to confirm that the cooling pads officially help with car sickness, but they seem similar to a cool cloth, which is one way to help sooth a child with car sickness. 

‘I need that for myself!’

Viewers thanked Jacquelin profusely in the comments for the hack. One user wrote, “Thank you. I need to try this for my daughter. She’s two and throws up every time in the car.”

Other users were excited to try it on themselves! One TikToker commented, “I need that for myself!” 

Some parents added their own car sickness hacks too. One parent wrote, “Ginger candies always work wonders as well!”

Another user wrote, “Omg, I needed this 30 years ago!”

Children ages 2-12 are particularly susceptible to car sickness, possibly because they sit low in the back seat without the ability to see as much out the window. 

While Jacquelin’s hack can work great, especially if heat contributes to your baby’s car sickness, preventative strategies can help too. 

Try not to feed your child anything too heavy before a long car ride. If possible, encourage your child to look outside the window instead of focusing on objects inside the car. Plenty of air ventilation (or handheld fans like Jacquelin recommends) can help too.

And even if it means stopping more for bathroom breaks, make sure you and your child are drinking plenty of water!

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