Mom’s cardboard iPhone hack could save kids’ lives in an emergency situation

This TikTok parent’s cardboard iPhone hack is a brilliant way to teach kids phone numbers!

Teaching your child important phone numbers is necessary, but it’s not usually very much fun. Fortunately, TikTok user Myriam (@mothercould) has devised a fun hack for helping kids memorize phone numbers. 


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Myriam is a stay-at-home mother of two daughters who loves sharing life hacks on her TikTok and blog. Her phone hack involves making a cardboard iPhone that’s both educational and fun.

In the video, Myriam starts by drawing an iPhone number pad onto a ziplock bag using a permanent marker. Then, she pours a little bit of hair gel into the bag and seals it up.

Next, she uses a hot glue gun to attach a cardboard frame to the plastic bag, which provides structure for the makeshift phone and makes it easier to handle. 

Finally, she uses a dry-erase marker to write a phone number onto the bag, and shows how the number can be easily wiped off and replaced with a new one. 

The final product is a cardboard phone that kids can practice dialing on without worrying about accidentally placing a call. The hair gel inside the plastic bag gives the phone a squishy consistency that makes pressing the “buttons” fun for kids, and makes learning numbers feel more like a game than a chore. 

Parents and parents-to-be love this safety hack

Parents and parents-to-be jumped into the comments to express their appreciation for the fun hack. 

“I’m literally saving these at 18 so I can make these for my babies when I’m older,” one TikToker responded.

“Squishy and fun to press the numbers!” wrote another. 

Other TikTokers shared some of the amusing strategies their parents used to teach them phone numbers.

“My mom gave me an old corded phone from the ‘80s to practice on,” shared one user.

“I had to write it out on a piece of paper until I could recite it from memory, and then after she would randomly ask us what her [number] was so we didn’t forget,” another TikToker responded.

Another user joked that their mom didn’t even bother teaching them their phone number, saying, “My mom just wrote our home number on a sticky note and stuck it to my stomach.”

These days, our smartphones remember most of our phone numbers for us. But teaching your child a few important numbers—like their home phone number, or the number for emergency services—ensures that if there’s ever an emergency, they can pull an E.T. and “phone home.”

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