Cardi B teaches everyone how to change diapers with long acrylic nails

Cardi B shared how to change a diaper with long acrylic nails — for those who’ve always been mystified by the practice.

The platinum rapper recently welcomed her second child and first son, Wave Set Cephus, with her husband, Migos member Offset. When MC, another new mom and woman, asked for advice, Cardi B was happy to help with a little tutorial. 

Fellow rapper and mom Kash Doll tweeted Cardi B, “Aye Bardi, how the hell you change Wave diaper with the nails? LOL. I got on press-ons, struggling.” 

Cardi B responded with an entire video demonstration. She used a teddy bear instead of her baby boy Wave, however.

“OK, girl, so I just made a whole video. Trust me. You will get the hang of it! However, I do feel like boys are harder to clean; they got more crevices,” Cardi wrote in the caption.

The “Up” rapper had long, red acrylic nails on but still managed to change the stuffed animal with ease. 

She used the tips of her fingers to grab at the items rather than reaching nails first. The mom rolled the teddy’s onesie up, removed the diaper, thoroughly wiped the “buttcheeks” and “crevices,” and then put on a fresh diaper. She struggled the most with clipping the onesie back on but still got the job done. 

“This is the type of mom content I’m here for,” @TheStyleApple replied in a tweet

“This is so cute. Great that mamas are helping other mamas, and Miss Kulture is so smart,” a user commented

“That’s excellent!!! Even with the nails. And Kulture Kiari is SO cute!” @MsDarlaaa wrote on Twitter

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