7 Caribbean beauty influencers who should be on your radar right now

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Nowadays, there’s a lot of beauty content out on Instagram. Not only is the app a great place to share one’s latest work or inspiration, but a lot of beauty influencers, bloggers and content creators also use the medium to connect with their community.

Beauty — whether it be hair, nails, skin care, makeup and more — is deeper than skin, and many BIPOC influencers are using their voices to celebrate diversity. There are many Caribbean-owned beauty brands that you should know, but what about the influencers leading the way? Keep scrolling to get to know seven beauty influencers that deserve your “follow.”

1. Msroshposh

Raschelle Clare, also known as MsRoshPosh online, is a beauty content creator who shares her amazing wig tutorials and hair transformations on her YouTube channel of over 800,000 subscribers.

2. _w.khan_

Waheeda Khan is a Caribbean beauty influencer who creates breathtaking and glamorous makeup looks that are not for the faint of heart. A lot of her makeup looks are Caribbean and Carnival-inspired, an ode to her heritage and vibrant culture.

3. Stylenbeautydoc

If you are a skin care fanatic, you’ve probably stumbled on Danielle Gray, more commonly known online as Stylenbeautydoc. Her content is informational and packed with valuable knowledge on everything from ingredients to look out for to how often you should really be applying sunscreen.

4. Shirley_beats

It’s one thing to be a makeup artist, and it’s another to be a makeup artist with almost 200,000 followers on Instagram. Anscherley Noel is a Haitian Cuban makeup artist whose looks include the perfect cut crease, halo eyes and neon electric eyeliner.

5. gabyteemua

If you haven’t had a chance to try out Alamar Cosmetics yet, you’re missing out! The founder, Gabriela Trujillo, dishes on makeup as an artist and entrepreneur. Also, her fire-red hair is a vibe, seriously.

6. Keyshiakaoir

Of course, you know all about Keyshia Ka’oir, the beauty mogul behind Ka’oir Cosmetics and wife of hip-hop legend Gucci Mane. Keyshia is not only one of the hardest working women in the beauty industry, but she does it so effortlessly, with a glam face and laid hairstyle.

7. Badgalriri

There is no way we can discuss Caribbean beauty influencers and leave Queen Ri out of the picture. Rihanna has been a monumental beauty influencer for years; so much so, she is the founder of the groundbreaking beauty brand Fenty Beauty.

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