These Caribbean-owned snack bars will give you a boost of energy — and they taste amazing

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If you’ve been feeling tired or sluggish, the obvious solve is to get more sleep. But if setting aside time to catch more Zs isn’t really possible, you should try Get Up! energy bars and bites by Nutri Snacks Puerto Rico. The Caribbean-owned food brand is owned and operated by Iris Mayra Gracia out of Cataño, Puerto Rico — and everything it makes will give you a natural boost of energy.

The energy bars and bites are all-natural and made with good-for-you ingredients like dried tropical fruits, chocolate, nuts, seeds, honey and more. And they taste amazing!

You can get the energy bars in packs of 12 for $19.99 each, and they come in four flavors: chocolate, pineapple, mango or cranberry. The energy bites come with 10 in each bag for $2.99 and are available in mango and cranberry. Stock up on a few flavors to keep in your pantry, in your purse, at your desk or anywhere you might want a pick-me-up snack on the go.

Mango Energy Bites, $2.99

Credit: Get Up!

If you love chocolate, you can get a healthy, natural boost of energy from this chocolate energy bar. It’s made with chocolate (of course), peanuts, sesame seeds, brown sugar and honey — and that’s it. Like the label says, it’s all-natural and made with only ingredients you can pronounce.

Chocolate Energy Bar, 12-Pack, $19.99

Credit: Get Up!

You can find Get Up! energy bars and bites on the brand’s website, and products ship from Puerto Rico pretty fast, usually within a week.

If there’s a flavor you want to try, order it ASAP. If not for the flavors, you’ll love the extra energy that the bars and bites provide to keep you going strong all day long.

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