A viral YouTube video from 2015 has found new life on TikTok as users interpret a woman’s bizarre rant

An old viral video is recirculating on TikTok, thanks to a clever recreation of the bizarre events.

The “I’ll Tell Carl Bismarck” trend has become popular this year on TikTok. But its origins date back to 2015 when YouTuber Shawn Stoecker posted a video in which he argued with a neighborhood woman. Their strange exchange has racked up 1.2 million views since it was posted. Now the pair’s dialogue is a full-blown meme. 

The original “I’ll Tell Carl Bismarck” 

In the clip, Stoecker and the woman get into a heated conversation after he accused her of “cussing” at children. The woman then called him “a weird motherf*****.” But it’s the next few lines that have had the most impact on social media. 

“You better not be a snitch because I’ll tell Carl Bismarck,” she said

“Call, Carl. I don’t even know who he is,” Stoecker replied

“He’s dead!” the woman shouted back.

Years later, on June 24, the TikToker Alex Widuch uploaded a recreation of the video. It quickly went viral and currently has 14.6 million views. 

The “I’ll Tell Carl Bismarck” TikTok Trend

The meme is fairly simple. Some TikTokers just lip-sync to the woman’s dialogue while others share their weird moments. 

While user @kyahnextdoor was going for a swim in Hawaii, she emphatically screamed, “He’s dead!” 

“Me overstimulated AF in the self-checkout at Walmart while my boyfriend tries to help me scan my items,” @1araquinn captioned her version of the meme. 

“When my cat dies and my mom gets me the exact same cat,” @bributlerisalyingslu said as she lip-synced the words to her gray cat. 

In @coolcatz.4eva‘s video, they and their friend lip-synced the viral conversation quite dramatically. 

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