Carnival ride malfunctions in terrifying TikTok

A thrill ride at the National Cherry Festival in Traverse City, Mich. nearly fell during a terrifying moment on July 8. 

The so-called “Magic Carpet Ride” suddenly malfunctioned, much to the panic of passersby. The ride consists of a stationary tower and a 360-degree swinging pendulum, where riders sit. Some festival-goers captured the heart-stopping moment on camera, while others rushed to help. 

Footage taken by TikToker @btypep showed the “Magic Carpet Ride” begin to tip over after it completed a revolution. While some people ran away, likely in fear the ride would collapse, others rushed to help. A group of people ran to hold onto the base’s guardrail. The collective effort stabilized the ride in the nick of time. 

The video received 42.9 million views. Many applauded the good Samaritans. 

“People can be so great,” one person commented

“Props to all those who jumped in and held it down,” another wrote

“This is why I don’t trust carnival rides,” a user said

Joe Evans of Arnold Amusements, which owns the ride, told NBC News that they have sent the ride back to its manufacturer. Evans said there was a “malfunction,” but they hadn’t determined what it was yet. 

There was also another moment that doesn’t appear in the footage. The ride’s operator did manage to turn off the power when it began to misbehave. 

“I think if they hadn’t been holding it, it would have fallen back,” bystander Kobe Ramirez told the Traverse City Record-Eagle. “They unplugged it so it was still moving, and they had to wait for it to slow down.”

Ramirez said that he was “walking by and saw the ride going faster than it normally does, and then parts started breaking. It was tipping back toward the river.”

Meanwhile, Suzanne Thelen of the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs said the ride passed its last inspection. 

“Rides with a satisfactory permit from the previous season are temporarily permitted to operate under their prior permit until their inspection in the current season,” Thelen told the Traverse City Record-Eagle. “The ride was operating at the Cherry Festival on a temporary permit based upon the satisfactory previous inspection.”

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