Team RAR’s Carter Sharer has made a career out of making people laugh

When Carter Sharer started filming videos in high school, he initially only uploaded them to YouTube so that he could easily share them with his friends.

“My YouTube journey from my first video to now has been literally insane,” Sharer told In The Know. “It’s been super fast-paced, it’s been different every day and it’s just crazy to see, you know, step-by-step, just how this journey is unfolding.”

Sharer is one-fourth of YouTube sensation Team Rar — made up of himself, Lizzy Capri, Ryan Prunty and Stove Kitchen, who are all individually very successful YouTube stars and who occasionally collaborate together to create content for their joint account.

What started as just a shareable platform for his home videos turned Sharer into an icon with over 6 million subscribers. Now he creates innovative pranks and challenge videos and turned that hobby into a fully-fledged business.

“It can always be a challenging thing to describe what we do.” Sharer said. “The style of content we do is quite unique.”

Sharer grew up thinking he was going to be a coder at a startup or tech company. In the early beginnings of his success on YouTube, Sharer promised himself he would quit his job and really commit to making videos full-time if he could hit 100,000 subscribers. He achieved the goal within a couple of weeks.

But it’s not all fun and games. “I think my viewers would be very interested to know that off-camera, I’m actually very detail-oriented and have a business mindset,” said Sharer. He works with other editors to make sure his videos look perfect before uploading. “I actually probably spend more time running the business behind this YouTube than I am in front of the camera producing content.”

Sharer feels grateful for all the perks that come with this self-made career. He gets to share a beautiful house in Los Angeles with his fellow Rar Team members and gets to continue connecting fans on YouTube with his videos.

“It’s really humbling to see how much overwhelming support we have from our audience,” he said.

To learn more about Carter Sharer and the Rar Team, watch the full episode of In The Know: Profiles above.

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