TikTok’s Cartoonify filter lets you animate any object

If the lockdowns have got you feeling lonely, TikTok has got one way to add some new virtual friends to your social circle.

The platform’s Cartoonify filter lets users turn real-life objects into cartoon friends via animation. The feature is still rolling out, so you might not be able to access it just yet. The TikTokers who have gotten the fun upgrade, however, have already made it trend worldwide on social media.

What does the Cartoonify filter do?

The Cartoonify filter adds faces, arms, legs and (sometimes) a small acoustic guitar to inanimate objects. Users can then make the objects dance, cry, sing and more.

This TikToker made KFC’s Colonel Sanders get into the groove.

Another user broke the rules and actually animated herself and made a few mini-mes.

Here’s how to use the Cartoonify filter


Let’s cartoonify the world! 😎 Credits to:@mikecheongx

♬ original sound – Sticker Master – Sticker Master

Open the TikTok app on your phone. Tap the “+” button to make a new video.

Next, hit “Effects” and select “Trending.” Search the trending effects until you spot the Cartoonify icon, which is a cartoon face against a tan background.

Once you’ve selected the filter, direct the camera at the object you wish to animate using the “Select” button. Release the button after grabbing the object to animate it.

After it’s animated, you can drag and rotate the item. TikTok even allows you to animate multiple objects in a single video.

If you’re still confused, you can watch the tutorial by @stickermasterwannabe above. Remember, if you can’t find the filter, it’s possible that it still hasn’t rolled out in your area.

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