‘Cat dad’ gets promoted to uncle with hilarious onesie misunderstanding: ‘The funniest and sweetest reaction ever’

This TikToker told her brother he’s about to become an uncle by giving him a onesie, but he thought it was a gift for his cat

Misunderstandings can be hilarious. No one knows this better than TikToker Hannah (@hanns117) who recently posted a hysterical and heartwarming video where she announces her pregnancy to her brother by giving him a onesie, which he thinks is for his cat


When you are a Cat Dad but you get promoted to being an Uncle #catdad #uncle #pregnancyannouncement #fyp

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The clip, which has 14 million views and counting, begins with a shot of Hannah’s brother, Zack, wearing a Cleveland Browns shirt, eagerly unwrapping a present. 

“Oh my god, let’s go!” Zack yells as he holds up a Cleveland Browns onesie. He then jumps up from his chair and runs to his cat. 

Upon realizing that her brother genuinely thinks the onesie is a gift for his cat, Hannah and her partner immediately break into fits of laughter. 

“This is siiiick!” Zack says, holding up the onesie again. “Yo, come here girl,” he calls, running after his cat while Hannah and her partner laugh uncontrollably. 

Zack carries his cat over to the kitchen counter and begins to dress the pet in the onesie. “Zack, it’s not for the cat,” Hannah’s partner says from behind the camera. 

“What’s it for?” asks Zack, who then finally realizes the onesie is for a baby. He then looks directly at the camera with an expression of shock and excitement before running over to hug his sister.

“Let’s goooo! Woooo!” Zack shouts, picking his sister up and spinning her around before the clip ends with the caption, “He’s going to be the best uncle ever.” 

Viewers all over TikTok definitely agreed that Zack will make a super fun uncle

“He’s already earned the ‘funcle’ title,” commented one user. 

“The fact that his automatic reaction was ‘outfit for my cat, yes,’ that’s a good cat dad and a fantastic uncle right there. Congratulations,” said another viewer. 

If the video is any indication, Hannah’s baby will be born into a family with lots of laughter and love.

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