Optical illusion of cat has Reddit stunned: ‘The best camouflage’

A bizarre optical illusion blew people’s minds on Reddit

It’s fair to say that after watching this video, you’ve probably never seen a dog morph into a cat faster. They say “perception is reality,” but this will certainly make you question the notion. A user posted the clip in Reddit’s “Unexpected” forum with the caption, “This really messed with my head.” 

The footage shows the view of a rooftop. At first, it looks as though you’ve caught a glimpse of a white dog’s head. The dog’s dark eyes and brown snout appear crystal clear — however, the animal’s body is totally missing. But then, the dog’s head moves to reveal it’s actually a part of a cat’s body that was lying down. 

The post received over 35,000 upvotes. Redditors, of course, were eager to share what they initially saw in the video. 

“I was certain it was a Lab with his head sticking out of a hole in the wall,” one person commented

“I thought it was about how it looked like it was a decapitated dog’s head on a roof, but the dog was really just resting its head on the edge while sitting on a lower platform,” someone said

“Catface McDogbutt,” another joked

“Me: Nothing wrong with this, the dog is just behind the… Oh my god, where did the dog go?” a user wrote.

“That cat has the best camouflage. I’d never be able to find it,” someone replied

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