Cat insists on putting its paw on top of owner’s finger

Twitter user Konami Yuzuki, who goes by konamint on the platform, is the owner of a small cat named Toro. Like any cat person, Yuzuki is fascinated by the mysterious and bizarre behavior of her pet. 

In one popular video, Toro repeatedly places its paw on top of Yuzuki’s index finger. Each time Yuzuki pulls it away the cat places its paw back on top. Toro doesn’t appear excited or stressed, but rather calm and laser-focused on the task at hand. But by the end of the video, the cat slowly exerts more force with its paw and presses Yuzuki’s finger down.  

The video received 3.9 million views. It turns out, Yuzuki is not the only one intrigued by Toro. It just so happens that, paw taps can mean a variety of things from cats. 

If done in an abrupt manner, the cat is likely trying to get your attention. If the cat places its paw in your hand it could mean it’s feeling impatient, as in “hurry up with food.” But there is no bigger feline compliment than when a cat kneads your hand. Cats knead to show affection because it’s how their mothers did it when they were nursed as kittens. 

However, in Toro’s case, it’s likely that the cat was engaging in the fourth and final option: playtime. It can mean the feline is ready to engage in a playful activity or that it’s even asking you to bring out a toy. 

All and all, cats are complicated creatures and it’s why we love them. 

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