Woman slammed for egregious home renovation mistake

Cats are curious, sneaky creatures. If you don’t keep an eye on them, they might just end up sneaking outside — or stuck in your wall.

Sadly, this is exactly what happened to TikToker Miranda Hughes. In a video uploaded on March 6, she shared the story of how her cat Rosalie accidentally ended up getting nailed behind the wall when her landlord had a new bathtub installed.

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“Rosie, hi,” Hughes said as she entered the bathroom and made her way towards the wall. The cat meowed in response from behind the wall.


Never forget the day I got a new bathtub in my apartment and the maintenance people sealed my cat behind the tub👍🏼 #catsoftiktok #fyp

♬ Oh No – Kreepa

When she realized where her cat was, Hughes had the maintenance men come back and open up the wall to retrieve her cat. Four hours later, Rosie came out of the wall — completely unharmed, but extremely traumatized.

Hughes’ video was met with mixed reactions on TikTok. Many people were immediately on her side and blamed the maintenance men for not being more careful.

“I got mad for you,” one person said. “I would be livid.”

“Girl I would have sued the complex or at least the company that put the tub in,” another added.

Others, meanwhile, said that Hughes should have been more careful, especially given how much cats enjoy sneaking around.

“This is really your fault for not keeping her in another room,” one person said.

“You should have kept her out of the way,” another wrote. “Surely you knew they were coming.”

In response to the accusatory comments, Hughes explained that they “took all the doors off to get the tub in,” so she couldn’t keep her cat locked in a room. Thankfully, Rosie is doing just fine now!

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